Every year, SAABJ gives out scholarships for high school seniors or college students interested in pursuing communications. We thank our scholarship sponsors for making this happen. They are:

Submit Scholarship Applications to

Submit Scholarship Applications to


  • Submit an original essay, article or video you produced regarding the topic in the flyer.
  • Story must include pictures, graphics or video
  • On separate document, please include a summary of what your story is about and a short bio about yourself. Tell us in the bio your need for the scholarship and why you want to pursue a career in communication. We are looking for students who want to go into media careers, public relations, or the communication field. Students do not have to be African American.
  • If you are chosen, we will ask for your student ID information at the college you are attending and will send the money to the college’s business office.
  • If you have questions, contact Melissa at Applications should be emailed to

Meet our Past Scholarship Winners

“What does SAABJ mean to me? –The difference between having a map versus none when traveling an unknown path. They took interest in me when no one else did and have mentored and developed me as person. I feel like I will be so much more  prepared me to enter the workforce when I graduate.”

– SAABJ Scholarship Winner Alexia Hall

“The scholarship not only gave me the opportunity to continue my education, but the recognition gave me the confidence to say that I am indeed pursuing the right field of work. I am humbled by SAABJ and grateful for not only the scholarship, but the luminaries of journalism who  recognized my skill and my passion to change the world through media.”

– SAABJ Scholarship Winner Jesse Salazar

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